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In the summer of 2016 my friend Zach and I had an idea to get people together over a couple of beers with a common cause.  Our mission was to help out a local charity at one of my favorite venues in downtown Raleigh.


That Friday evening, despite a substantial downpour for our outdoor event, we managed to attract 35 people and raise over $300.  In a world that seemed more divisive than ever, that evening we felt like we had stumbled upon something pretty special. 


Since then we have raised over $35,000 for local charities all the while helping to support local businesses in the Downtown Raleigh area.  Our Karma Keg Social™ takes place every First Friday from 5:00-7:00 with a different local charity in the spotlight each time. All of the proceeds from the monthly Karma Keg™ go directly to that organization.  

We hope you can join us one of these Fridays as we 

Eat, Drink, Socialize and spread Good Karma. 


Brian Holt, CEO of 

The Logan Group at Keller Williams, along with varying monthly sponsors are behind the reoccurring event which rotates through different venues in Raleigh.  Each month a different charity is selected that will be the beneficiery of the proceeds from the Karma Keg™. 

In a nutshell, Brian loves to give back to those in need and has done so going back to his younger days.  

As a cancer survivor himself, he  always strives to find a way to support others and organizations in need within the community. 

Support Local has always been a motto for Brian. For this reason Karma Keg™ typically finds a home in a local business in and around the Downtown Raleigh area.  We are always looking for partners so please reach out should you like to see a Karma Keg Social™ at your favorite spot. 

Brian Holt

Founder & Executive Director

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